100% Australian Free Range Pork

100% Australian Valenca Free Range Pork Family Owned and Operated.
Our supplier was one of the first outdoor herds to be established in Victoria.

The Consumer

Increasingly the discerning consumer wants to be assured that the produce that is on offer is produced in an environmental and welfare friendly manner.


The Challenge

To create an innovative but practical system in our sometimes harsh environment while continuing to strive for the highest welfare and environmental standards possible for all our pigs.

Natural Behaviour

To do this our pigs must be able to express their natural behaviour. This includes being able to socialize by running, playing and generally expressing their naturally inquisitive nature outdoors. Freedom to explore outdoors.

Our Free Range System

This allows every pig to choose its own ideal environment with minimum intervention.

In winter as well as being outdoors they have straw based shelters to keep warm with fresh feed and water.

In summer as well as being outdoors they have wallows or misted shelters to keep cool with fresh feed and water.

We have high Bio security

Natural Feed

Natural grains like wheat and barley are purchased from Australian farms and incorporated into our feeds. Our pigs have no added hormones and are free from chemical residues and growth stimulants.

Organic Waste

This is produced as straw and manure, composted and returned to the land. This replaces the need for chemical fertilizers. Paddocks are vacated and cropped in rotation. In extreme rainfall events run off is collected and re-distributed to the land during dryer periods.