Australian Pork Cuts

A: Leg Roast - Traditional bone-in roast
B: Easy Carve Leg Roast - Smaller leg roast without the bone
C: Leg Steaks - Great for grilling, barbequing or pan frying
D: Mini Roast - Suitable for 2-3 people - ideal for a medweek roast
A: Hock/Shank - Ideal for slow cooking in either Asian or European styles
A: Cutlet - Premium loin cut suited to pan frying, grilling or barbequing
B: Loin Steaks - Premium pork steak, similar to a loin chop without the bone
C: Rolled Loin - Premium boneless roast, can be sized to suit
D: Butterfly Steak - Versatile double loin steak
E: Loin Chop - Great barbequed, grilled or pan fried
F: Loin Rack - Outstanding dinner party favourite, with or without crackling
A: Pork Fillet - Extremely Versatile prime cut
A: Belly - Succulent and tender, either slow roasted or braised
B: U.S. Style Spare Ribs - Traditional U.S. style delicious on the grill or BBQ
C: Spare Ribs - Great marinated, barbequed or slow roasted
D: Rolled Belly - Excellent value alternative roast. Succulent and rich flavour
A: Froequarter Roast - Traditional bone-in roast
B: Easy Carve Shoulder - Great value boneless roast
C: Scotch Fillet Roast - Economical roast with great flavour and tenderness
D: Forequarter Chop - Large chop, great for barbequing or grilling
E: Scotch Fillet Steak - Economical steak with great flavour and tenderness
A: Mince - A must for authentic bolognese. Tasty alternative to regular mince
B: Stir Fry Strips - The original stir fry meat. Great for Asian style dishes
C: Diced - Generally used for casserole or stir frying